Who are Bug & Belle?  

We're two sisters with a shared love of designing and making beautiful things.

Our designs are inspired by our love of nature, dogs and books.  Every item is individually crafted in the historic county of Worcestershire.  We firmly believe that unique hand-made gifts and cards are something special.  We work with card, paper, fused glass, concrete and a little bit of wood.

We have all the usual sibling rivalry but also a lot of love for each other - we live just a few miles apart and talk several times every day, even if we don't actually see each other.  We laugh together, cry together and enjoy spending time together... walking our rescue dogs, making things, shopping or eating (lots of) vegan cake!

Claire says

"My little sister, Beckie (Bug), is so talented-  it's a good job she doesn't realise how wonderful she is because she'd become far too big-headed!

She studied Biology and taught secondary-age students for years, inspiring them with a love of the natural environment, which really comes through in her designs.  


Beckie is a great 'Mom' to two fabulous daughters who make us laugh so much.  They live with their two dogs at the foot of the Clent Hills, and some of our natural materials are sourced from their heavenly little patch of woodland. "

Beckie says

"My older (but smaller) sister, Claire (Belle), is undoubtedly the mischevious one.  When I was barely more than a toddler, she encouraged me to climb out from a bedroom window onto the flat roof so we could go and say hello to the neighbour!  

Semi-retired from careers in primary teaching and libraries, Claire loves reading, cooking and travelling.  She's a real perfectionist and will spend hours perfecting designs before she'll show them to anyone.

My girls refer to their Aunt as the queen of glitter!  They love going to her house for a craft session - her love for them must be incredible because she even tolerates their tendency to spread glue and glitter round her usually immaculate house. "

A talented creator of hand-made greetings cards sits in a rain poncho

Yes... we chose embarrassing photos of each other!

A talented creator of fused glass doesn't like cameras but loves cake
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